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Your awesome website gave me Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and a nasty Migraine Headache

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Your awesome website gave me Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and a nasty Migraine Headache

B2B_Program_Manager_Banners_click_fatigue.jpgIt’s true, I suffered physical, mental, and emotional maladies by engaging your site. You forced me to go on a clicking Odyssey looking for the product I was looking for, and the article I wanted to read. You also didn’t make it easy to find the pertinent contact information I needed to get in touch with your team to get clarification on the issues I am having with your site and products.  I now have a disease called Click Fatigue and I am holding you personally and organizationally responsible. Symptoms include, frustration, eye strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraine headaches, and an overly developed indexed finger. Heck, my index finger is in better shape than the rest of my body. The cure to my ailments is simple, I will find elsewhere to search for content or shop.

Click Reduction is the most intelligent and efficient way to reduce Click Fatigue, improve site experience, increase sales, and promote future site visits. Click Fatigue is the condition that is most responsible for site, page, and cart abandonments. Click Fatigue is the anathema that lives on due to being underreported and being misunderstood by website owners everywhere.  Part of what I do when I talk to educated eCommerce site owners and their analytics people, is to get down to why their sites are not performing as well they should. Without fail the analytics people come to the conclusion that too many clicks lead to consumer frustration and a poor overall experience.

The answer is simple, reformatting your site page by page in a layout which follows a logical process structure and merchandising structure is the way to overcome Click Fatigue. You do need an up to date and advanced web platform that will enable you to create a format that reduces the need for customers to click. You will also need a marketing person who knows what they are doing for the layout and merchandising of your site to work properly. 

I get it, you are on a budget and all of this may cost money, maybe more money than you have. Look at it this way, you got into business to make money and grow a business. You will at some point plateau and or decline. Change is a requirement to change this trend and that change is looking at the experience your consumers are having on your site. If they aren’t happy, you won’t be either. I got off on a rant here, my point is click reduction builds a user centric experience which will likely equate to more traffic, repeat visits, and hopefully higher profits.

You can always stay the course and watch your competitors take your money, and eat your lunch. You may also get a call from lawyers collecting on bills for treating carpal tunnel syndrome and migraines as well.   Now that’s something to think about.


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