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Sellers Commerce Webinar: How To Increase Sales Using Microsites

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Sellers Commerce Webinar: How To Increase Sales Using Microsites


Sellers Commerce recently presented this webinar and recorded the presentation.

The DME industry is competitive. This webinar can help your company increase your market share by personalizing your customer’s purchasing experience.

  • How to create Private Websites that help your customer manage their employee purchases
  • How to setup online Buying Groups that are exclusive to each of your accounts
  • How to setup “Store Within A Store” areas on your website personalized for each shopper
  • How to brand you online customer service so customers appreciate your valued added services
  • How to provide your customers the ability to setup and supervise their own employee accounts

Rick Levine – VP Sales & Marketing

Watch the webinar now! Click here to view the full webinar, as well as the slides used in the presentation


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