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The Prudence Of Product Visibility: Why It Matters For B2B eCommerce

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The Prudence Of Product Visibility: Why It Matters For B2B eCommerce

Product-Visibility_SCSeeing is believing, so if you want customers to believe in your product, you first have to make sure they can see it clearly. Product visibility is thus an important part of any marketing effort.

It is particularly important in B2B eCommerce , where customers are bombarded with a flood of products each day, and need to choose the specific one that suits them quickly.

Only by maximizing product visibility for the specific customers you want can you achieve successful, consistent sales online.

What is Product Visibility & Why Does It Matter?

Product visibility refers to how easily and in what ways customers can see your product. Levels of visibility range from leaving your products completely hidden, in which case no one sees them, to making them fully visibility to 100 percent of consumers.

Managing product visibility means making sure that people who are likely to buy your products have the easiest time seeing them. If people can’t look at and compare your products, it doesn’t matter how well they will be able to use them.

Only by ensuring that the products are visible and that they stand out from competing items can you bring in the customers you need to thrive.

Managing visibility isn’t just about making sure the right consumers see your products. It also means ensuring the wrong ones don’t see them.

If you attract the attention of a lot of people who aren’t likely to become customers, you waste valuable time, energy, and marketing resources without achieving any increase in revenues.This is a particularly serious problem online, where your search rank may suffer if many of those who click on your site don’t find it relevant.

For this reason, many companies that sell online will identify a preferred group of customers based on location, demographics, and other factors; they then make their site highly visible to those customers, but less visible to others.

How Product Visibility Affects B2B eCommerce Companies

If product visibility is important for all eCommerce firms, it is absolutely critical for B2B ones. Businesses have a wide variety of resource needs, and only limited time to find a supplier. This means that many of them are unwilling to painstakingly compare different eCommerce companies, but will instead choose the first one they find that makes a reasonable offer. So if you can maximize the visibility of your products for the specific businesses you’re trying to sell to, you will have a far easier time completing such sales.

Given the need for highly-targeted product visibility, you may want to create multiple websites for different types of products. You can then set each website to be visible to different preferred groups. In this way, you appeal to every set of customers in as targeted a way as possible, maximizing sales from each without offering anyone a product they don’t need.

For more information on product visibility and other eCommerce essentials, visit SellersCommerce today.

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