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Instagram Intel: Tips For Selling Uniforms Through The Photo-sharing Giant

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Instagram Intel: Tips For Selling Uniforms Through The Photo-sharing Giant

As a uniform marketer trying to promote your wares on social media, you should never put all your eggs in one basket. Many marketers focus on one platform, often Facebook, figuring that they should just master marketing there. But other platforms offer distinct benefits for promoting uniforms and gear. Instagram is a powerful example. This photo-sharing site provides a unique opportunities to show off your uniforms in a visual medium, allowing you to ingrain their images in customers’ minds. You should thus master the art of Instagram marketing, which begins with:

Direct Depictions

The simplest way to use Instagram for uniform marketing is to post pictures and videos of your uniforms there. Potential customers who are directly looking for uniforms will thus have somewhere to see everything you offer, making them more likely to choose your wares. For best results, arrange uniforms in creative or intriguing ways for the pictures. For example, if you have the same outfit in several colors, line them up by color in the same photo to showcase the sheer variety of style options you provide. You should also use clear, relevant hashtags so it’s easier for potential customers to find your uniforms.

Candid Captures

Besides showing off uniforms directly, you should incorporate them casually into more candid, natural-looking pictures. This helps you appeal to people who aren’t necessarily looking for uniforms, but might be interested in them once they see them. Try posting pictures of your staff having casual conversations while wearing your gear. Not only does this give potential clients a clear sense of what your wares look like, but it has the added benefit of humanizing your company, making them more likely to trust you.

Cross Promotion

Cross promotion involves promoting another company in exchange for getting them to promote you. This strategy is particularly valuable on Instagram, where one of the most common sources of new followers is links from other pages. Ask clients and suppliers to post pictures and videos of their staff wearing your uniforms and gear. In return, you can show your staff using their products, interacting with their employees, or showing off their brand name or logo. In this way, you and your affiliates lift one another up, providing a solid foundation for each other’s success.

Strategic Stories

In addition to posting evergreen photos and video clips, Instagram lets you share stories, or clips and images that followers can only see for a limited period of time. You can share pictures and videos of your employees’ activities, products available for a limited time, and other windows into your company’s daily life. By posting these as stories that are not available forever, you’ll make followers feel that they gain an exclusive benefit by keeping up with your posts. This will give current and potential clients a strong incentive to follow you closely.

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