Sellers Commerce Webinar: How To Get Started Selling DME Online

by Rick Levine on August 23, 2016


Any size DME company can sell successfully online, and we want to talk to you about how! We recently hosted a webinar that can help your company prepare to launch a successful eCommerce website, or improve an existing site.

Our webinar covers:

  • How do you go about getting an online store and website setup?
  • How will you load the thousands of products we sell?
  • How will you handle orders for items we don’t have in stock?
  • How can you promote the website to customers and prospects in your area?
  • How can you improve an existing online store by design and user experience?

And features:

Rick Levine – VP Sales & Marketing
Mark Weirich – National Sales Manager

Watch the webinar now! Click here to view the full webinar, as well as the slides used in the presentation.