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Do You Want to Increase Sales? Set up a Multi-Store Ecommerce Platform!

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Do You Want to Increase Sales? Set up a Multi-Store Ecommerce Platform!

multi-store ecommerce
The more online storefronts your brand has, the greater its potential reach will be. When a brand sets up multiple online storefronts, its potential reach instantly increases. This multi-store approach allows the brand to target different audiences. With the right software it does not have to be a complicated or work-intensive project. Here’s a closer look at the multi-store ecommerce approach and how to use it effectively without adding addition work to your ecommerce business.

How Multi-Store Ecommerce Increases Lead Potential

Multi-store ecommerce has excellent potential to increase leads and sales. Consider, as an example, a uniform retailer. Most uniform retailers sell a wide range of uniform types, from medical uniforms to athletic uniforms. Or, consider a traditional clothing retailer. Most clothing retailers have men's, women's and children's clothing in addition to athletic wear, casual wear and formal wear.
Instead of having one online store, a multi-store ecommerce retailer will set up stores for each subcategory. People who are searching for a specific clothing type are more likely to stay on the website buy something when the site showcases that product. In addition to the niche stores, the retailer can also have one store that showcases its entire inventory.

How to Manage Multi-Store Ecommerce Without Increasing Work

Multi-store ecommerce strategies make sense from a customer generation standpoint. However, a busy store owner often does not have time to create, manage and market multiple sites at the same time. The way to implement this strategy without creating more work is through a multi-store ecommerce platform. This platform will that put all of the stores under a single admin account. The store's owner manages the addition of new products or other changes from one admin account that broadcasts them to each of the ecommerce stores instantly. Each store shares catalogs, filtering them for the right categories sold on that store. This process is no more time consuming than setting up one large store.
With a single sellers commerce back-end, a multi-store ecommerce strategy is simple to implement. Store owners have the freedom to set up the various stores with a unique look and feel, all while managing them from one back end.

Multi-Store Ecommerce – Not Just for Clothing Retailers

 Multi-store ecommerce makes sense for sellers commerce businesses of all types. While the applications for clothing and uniform retailers are clear, many other types of retail businesses benefit from this structure. Some of these include:
  • Product niches
  • Audience niches
  • Language
  • Price differentiators
Any industry that sells a product or service can benefit from multi-store ecommerce. It works well for:
  • B2B sellers
  • Healthcare suppliers and providers
  • Pet products
  • Online groceries and supermarket platforms
  • School and office supplies
  • Planting and flowers
  • Gifts
If you run an online store, and that store has multiple potential audiences or product types, consider multi-store ecommerce. With the right back-end platform, you can quickly set up and easily manage a multi-store ecommerce structure. This will open the door to more leads and potential sales, increasing your return on investment.

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