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Design Your B2B Online Store to Attract More Customers

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Design Your B2B Online Store to Attract More Customers

Every successful sale starts with successful marketing.

So, if by chance you’re not seeing the kind of sales you were hoping for with your online store, rethinking your marketing strategy would be the first step.

Table of Contents:

  • Design a Great User Experience
  • Make Your Homepage The Center of Your Design Efforts
  • 5 Homepage Design Tips to Take Into Consideration

But first, ask yourself two simple questions: who are your clients and for what reason do they purchase certain products?

You’d be surprised by the number of eCommerce stores around the world that struggle with marketing their business properly because they don’t fully comprehend their intended interest group.

To sell better, you have to market your business better.

To do so, start by taking a deep dive into understanding who your target audience is and what products they are interested in purchasing.

That’s where designing your B2B online store comes in.

The design of your online store has a huge influence on user experience and whether or not people choose to buy from you.

You want a clear, concise and uncluttered site that makes it easy for buyers to find what they need and effortlessly guide them through the purchase process.

While it might be tempting to cram as many products or related content into one page as possible but it is good practice to have a good amount of “white space” in between elements.

This makes things more digestible for the buyer.

If you want to attract customers to your online store, you have to design it in a way that matches the needs and wants of your buyer.

Doing so will help establish your website on the internet as well as deliver visitors to the pages they are searching for, and ultimately it is the best way to increase sales, visibility and growth for your store.

To attract more customers consider doing the following:

Design a Great User Experience

Design great UXIf you already own a website odds are that you’ve heard of the terms User Experience Design (UX) and User Interface Design (UI) before.

Despite the fact that UX and UI are not similar but they are comparative in nature.

With that being said, they are still very important tools you will need in order to build a fully functioning and attractive website that will help bring in more customers.

UX and UI together are what makes a website speak to your target audience.

UI is more like graphic design, while UX is more of a navigation that allows a customer to browse through your site.

UX designers invest their energy towards menu formats, link navigation, button design and location, the ease of use of a shopping car, and other tools that website visitors will need in order to navigate your website appropriately.

To bring more conversions and improve user experience, UI designers also design a site in a visually appealing way (buttons, links, etc) that is geared towards the target market of your customers.

To match the needs of your buyers, attract more customers and encourage them to convert, incorporating UX and UI into the design strategy of your website is the only way to do so.

Make Your Homepage The Center of Your Design Efforts

shutterstock_584732920 (1)-1

Despite the fact that it probably won’t be the primary page a website visitor sees when they arrive, your homepage is presumably the most significant page on your site.

Regardless of how a visitor navigates through your website, the design of your homepages is normally what your website will be judged by.

So, while each page on your site ought to be intended to establish a great first impression, your homepage should be the focal point of your design, since it’s the gateway through which individuals are meant to enter your online store.

When somebody visits your site and they don't care for what they see, their first move will be to leave.

To make matters worse, they may inform others about the negative experience they had on your site, harming your notoriety and bringing down your odds of attracting more customers.

To make a good first impression, here are a 5 homepage design tips to take into consideration:

homepage design-min (1)

  • Be Clear About What Your Website is About: Your homepage should be all about your business, and what visitors can get from your website first. Your company branding should be included, such as the logo and tagline of your company. But the most critical part of your homepage lies in effective communication with visitors about the good or services you provide - otherwise, you leave them no reason to visit your website.
  • Make Sure Your Target Audience Can Understand Your Content: Before you design your B2B online store, look around other sites and see how their content speaks to website visitors. Make your content simple for your target audience to understand your content.
  • Don’t Spam Your Website: Nobody likes spam. On the off chance that your landing page is jumbled with irrelevant content or images that are not inline with the products you offer, your website will come off as spammy - and most visitors won’t have any desire to read it, which leads to them leaving your site.
  • Create a Quality Call-to-Action: A well-structured website uses a call-to-action in key spots and at the right moments to help conversion. Particularly on your homepage, a quality call-to-action will act as a guide for your website visitors, whether they’re just shopping around or filling out a contact form.
  • Make Sure Your Site is Mobile-Friendly: By using a responsive web design, especially on your homepage, you give your website the best possible chance to perform well and attract more customers. A responsive design allows your website to be viewed properly from any device - mobile or tablet - and still be able to function.

Photos of your products are another important design element.

So, when taking them, make sure that they’re high resolution and showcase features that your buyers will find most relevant.

Also make sure that your images are audience-appropriate.

If executives are the main purchasers on your website, you should probably avoid clip art or cartoons that are better served to convert individual employees or consumers.

Finally, don’t forget that people are shopping more and more on smartphones and tablets.

Ensuring that your online store is responsive across devices and screen sizes will guarantee a personalized buyer experience for each individual buyer.

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