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Breaking Out of B2B Website Hell

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Breaking Out of B2B Website Hell


We have all symbolically died in our collective businesses at one point or another. We have all been banished to the Commerce world’s version of a state perdition at some point. In a nutshell, nobody is calling, returning your calls or emails, and/or orders have slowed. Will the agony and torture ever end, or are we forever condemned? The agony, the torture and the pain are real, and what really eats you alive and torments your thoughts day and night is the fear of conditional permanence.  We have all been there…Owners, Executives, Managers, Directors, Sales, and Marketing people, it’s an inevitable state at some point in time over the course of our professional careers.  When we go through this Dark Night of the Business Soul, how do we cross this black foreboding abyss, if we can at all?

The good news is what we are collectively experiencing, is perspective based problem. We are seeing the negatives and feeling the pain intimately as there is no direct solution to the problems that are being both perceived and experienced. It is natural for panic and fear to set in, and overwhelm both our conscious and unconscious minds. This reaction however is causing inertia in solving the problem, which will inevitably lead to our demise. We are creating our own cognitive perdition by way of our hopelessness to find answers posed by our business challenges. These challenges should be perceived as an opportunity for us to grow, engage, and overcome so we can rewrite our narrative and make sure our current circumstances never occur again. The need to recognize this is of utmost importance if we are ever to escape this condition.

Our conditions may have been caused by the sins and developmental shortcomings of our business past, and now we must collectively repent while being admonished for our Business related vices which put us in this state in the first place. Our version of penance is the analyzing of the strategy conditions which were executed, and the market conditions which may have led to our current peril. Only through the commercial-statistical and self-analysis can we creatively and efficiently come up with our version of escape and rebirth.

One must keep the faith in his products, self, company, and staff, and brainstorm for creative solutions to this utterly complex and terrifying predicament. There are always solutions present if one looks closely, just like the old adage it’s always darkest before the dawn. The dawn is the new approach after the competent analysis and creation of creative solutions which abdicate us from our own internal and external punishment. The dawn leads the way to rebirth and reassessment of our products and services as well as providing us with an invaluable learning experience of not repeat the same mistakes of the past and evolving into new ways of thinking. As the great author Rudyard Kipling once stated “If you can keep your wits about you while others are losing theirs, the world will be yours and everything in it.”

In the end, it is only you who can save yourself.


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